Handmade Feature: Sassyfrass

It’s time for a Handmade Artist Feature! 

Today I am pleased to introduce to you: Sassyfrass

Hello! My name is Jess, artist, thirtyish, mamma, ovarian cancer survivor, living in Canton, Ohio.
My days are spent in between a variety off country towns lately! Lol! I have been in business for ten years, but just opened a store as part of a collaborative shop called Modern Vintage in Hartville,Ohio. I am also the exclusive jeweler at Rust and Found in Canal Fulton, Ohio…although we’re only open one weekend a month there! I enjoy the hunting that accompanies my art…today for example, I spent 4 hours digging through broken vintage jewelry…50 boxes of it…in order to find just the right pieces and parts for my creations. So, hobbies are junking, spending time with my little family, reading, and honing my collections. I’m super thrilled with wool rugs, vintage drums, antique carnival prizes, and vintage dental items right now! Lol!

I started making jewelry in my early teens, completely self taught, and have also taken classes to further my knowledge on things like silversmithing and ceramics.

I ran the local bead shop in my town up until early this year, so having to constantly be on top of trends taught me to teach myself all the new things! I have considered myself an artist my entire life, and although my degree is in Historic Preservation, I find that I have used parts of it in what I do as well.

I had been dissatisfied with feeling like I couldn’t progress any further in my field while working for someone else. I have been doing Sassyfrass as a solid side business for at least the past six years, so when the opportunity to have a shop space came about I decided to just go for it. With risk comes reward, or so they say…I totally believe them now, and couldn’t be happier! There is something so perfect about doing what you love everyday…it’s quite wonderful!

8167926_origMy favorite items are my asymmetrical earrings. I have been making these for so long, trying to get this area to”catch on” to the idea that wearing two different earrings is okay!

Each one compliments the other in some way and I try to tell little stories with them…or create a theme for each pair. They are all named and completely one of a kind.

It normally takes me anywhere from one to sometimes three hours to put a pair together completely. Some sit for awhile to wait for an exactly perfect component, or for me to create its counterpart…so they really are a labor of time and contemplation.

Inspiration for me comes a lot from watching my friends and peers creating lives that they love. A good deal of my friends run their own businesses and I have to say that to me, it’s so impressive, especially for our area. The fact that the artists, designers, computer nerds, and craftsmen can make a living without having to rely on someone else is amazing to me. ” Making Nice In The Midwest” , “Akron Empire” , “Rust and Found” , “Two Amused Booshes”….there are so many blogs, but those are the local ones that come to mind.

The only advice I’d like to give myself is that I’d wish I’d done it sooner. If I could have given myself a confidence boost a couple of years ago, that would have been awesome! I think that’s something that a lot of artists deal with though. 🙂 (or maybe just girls)

If readers mention seeing me on Linden Hill in the store, they can take 10% off their Sassyfrass purchase. 

Thank you to Jess for sharing her story with us!

Would you like to be featured on the Linden Hill blog?



4 thoughts on “Handmade Feature: Sassyfrass

  1. I think your story is an inspiration to mommy artisans everywhere and I really love the appreciation for your fellow risk takers! This blog just left me wanting to know more about your work, see more of your work and come and take advantage of your 10% discount offer! Goodluck for the future!

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